What day is it? Is it Monday? I have no idea. I feel like I had an endless weekend so now my days are messed up.

I spent the entire weekend in the sun. Yesterday our little state climbed past 90 degrees and I know some of you have already been basking in the pre-summer weather but not us. The one downside of living so close to the ocean is ocean air, which means while everyone else is getting 75 degree temps, we get 60s with wind until May.

So you can imagine how wonderful this weekend was. Except for getting bit by a gnat. Did you know gnats bite? I didn’t. Until my hand swelled up like a baseball. Stupid gnat.

In lieu of any fascinating stories, some of you asked to see some more professional wedding pictures. I haven’t posted a ton, mostly because it’s hard to choose favorites from almost 1,000 shots. But the only other story I’ve got is how my husband (who tans nicely) didn’t listen to his wife (who burns quickly) and didn’t wear sunscreen is first few hours working in the yard. We’ll keep the “I told you so’s” to a minimum this morning.

Another beach shot…I think we were looking at our venue. (PS- to the person who asked if I was brave enough to walk on frost — no frost, darling. Just sand. It was a pretty warm October day. Also, if you missed it in the last post, Michael is stopping me from stepping in dog poo on the beach. Love, I tell ya.)


The bridal party. By far some of my favorite people in the entire world.


I’ll post a few more during the week!