So, uh, do you guys like Twilight or something? My stats page was off the charts yesterday so I’m guessing you do.

Know what? SO DO I. I spent, oh, six hours lying in my hammock reading the first book yesterday and I came away with a face-full of freckles and the need  to read New Moon.

It’s not quite as warm today so reading will be mandated to the couch today. The book is behind me on the arm just itching to be picked up.


I just wanted to let you know that aside from the first ten or so of you who commented yesterday, I did not read what you had to say. Because as I was skimming them, I came across information from a later book that I did not know. I actually screamed out, “No!!!!” when I read it. The woman who left the comment later apologized in the comment section so don’t be mean to her. She thought it was common knowledge. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and now I can’t take the chance that someone else let info slip.

I actually got a call from my friend D who is reading the series for the second time. She left a frantic voicemail warning me, “DO NOT READ YOUR COMMENTS!”

So I’m not. But probably only until this weekend because come on, at this rate I’ll be done by Sunday.

On a totally unrelated note, my sister, who has been recovering from gallbladder surgery, will be coming tomorrow to stay with me for awhile. I’m so excited! Sadly, that means I can in no way start New Moon before setting up the guest bedroom and starting a load of laundry or it will never get done.