Growing up, I LOVED Barbies. I used to spend hours playing with them, dressing them, styling their hair. As a matter of fact, Totally Hair Barbie (complete with her own bottle of Dep hair gel) — her long crimped blonde hair flowing — was my absolute favorite. She was totally hot, totally cool, Totally Hair Barbie. (It’s sad I remember that. It’s even more sad I just looked up the commercial.)

As I remember, most of Barbie’s outfits were form fitting and came with multiple super high heels. And I’m sure everyone has heard people complaining at some point that Barbie is too sexy for young girls and gives them unrealistic expectations of what a woman’s body should look like.

But my Barbies were also doctors and vets and teachers and construction workers and whatever else I wanted them to be. I never really had any problems with them.

But maybe Barbie has gone too far now? Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie (clever, Mattel…maybe we should leave the “Totally” stuff in 1992) comes with tattoos for both Barbie and you. I don’t have a problem with the butterflies and the sparkly hearts that come with the doll. They look more like stickers than anything else.

But maybe they went too far with the lower back Ken tattoo?


The question that’s circulating around the Internets is this: did this tattoo cross a line? Is Mattel just keeping up with today’s culture or are they projecting the wrong message to young, impressionable girls?