My sister has been visiting me for a few days and it’s been awesome. I forget when we’re apart how much fun it is to be around her all the time. Even though I know I don’t have to entertain her, I feel a sort of responsibility to find fun things to do while she’s here. While running errands, exercising, cleaning the house and reading Twilight (well, I’m actually on to Eclipse) is good enough for me, I worry that she’s bored.

Of course the weather in Rhode Island has been cool and rainy and since she’s still recovering from gallbladder surgery, she can’t walk around for too long.

So we’ve shopped. And ate. And played cards and laughed and talked. And she doesn’t even make fun of me when I Shred. Not too much, at least.

We also made cupcakes, which were quite delicious.



In her words, she’s the closet thing I have on the planet to a twin — getting our genetic makeup from the same two people. I’m so unbelievably lucky to have her.