Y’all (I never say “Y’all”, by the way. I don’t know why I said it now. Ignore.), I’ve climbed out of hiding and have reemerged into the world. Yesterday? Was a bad day. Well, another bad day in the week and it was only Wednesday.

As far as bad days go, each individual day wasn’t all that bad. I mean, there were lunches with friends. And freelance assignments. And cupcakes. Beautiful, delicious cupcakes. But when you added up the bad stuff that happened at the same time, I just got overwhelmed.

There were fights. One with a good friend and another with a family member. Both which stung on impact and left bruises. For those of you who don’t know me in real life (and those of you who haven’t been reading for that long), it’s important that you understand that I’m very sensitive and emotional. Maybe more so than I should be. But it’s a fact. The bad stuff has never rolled over my shoulders. It sticks around and burrows into my brain, sets up a recliner and cracks a beer. Bad stuff kicks off its shoes and gets comfortable.

I was just really sad.

While the emotional stuff was doing what it does, my phone decided to stop working. But not in any normal way. No, it stopped working in a way that meant I had bars indicating service, yet could not make or receive any calls or texts.

But only in my town.

Not in the neighboring town.


We don’t have a land line so in order to call tech support, I had to drive to my friend’s parent’s house and use theirs. Their house is four minutes from me. My phone worked at their house.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to “Chris”, the nice Indian man who met my wrath when I called tech support. I probably didn’t have to be quite so forceful when I told him no, I could not give him the last four digits of my husband’s social security number because I WAS NOT AT HOME BECAUSE MY PHONE WILL NOT WORK IN MY TOWN AHHHHHH.

I was thisclose to telling poor “Chris” why I went from zero to bitch in the time in took him to read his intro, but something tells me he would not be interested.

The solution? There was none. No tower was down. No updates needed to be done to my phone. It was just a big old head scratcher.

Four hours later, my phone decided to work again, pummeling me with an onslaught of text messages and voicemails that came all at the same time, effectively freezing my screen.

I turned it off and took a nap.

When I woke up, everything was normal. The phone worked. My feelings, while still tender, weren’t quite so sore.

And so the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week hopefully came to an end.

I think it’s time to go sit in the sunshine.