Warning (again): I have finished the series and now plan to discuss it. If you are still reading and/or do not want to know how it ends, come back tomorrow. It will be a Shoeru day.

It took me awhile to finish Breaking Dawn, because, well, I just wasn’t feeling it. I think my friend summed it up for me pretty well. She said the last book was the toughest for her because even though the series is clearly fantasy fiction, the first three books could POSSIBLY (come on, take it for what it is) happen. If vampires and werewolves really roamed the earth. Or something.

But the last book? With this half vampire, half human “baby” that grows rapidly and talks? That just left me rolling my eyes.

To me, the last book felt rushed. Like maybe the series should have been a trilogy and this one was written quickly just to appease fans. The whole build up to the fight with the Volturi was so drawn out, only to end in…nothing. No fight. No drama. Just Bella and Edward happily ever after. I almost wish it DID end with them being separated. Or that Jacob ran off with his imprinted Renesmee (ehhh…) and started a new life. (I know it wasn’t a sexual love between them, but was anyone else a little creeped out by that relationship? Especially since it had to potential to become sexual down the line?)

Speaking of sex, I thought the sex scenes would be a little better. I understand that this series were written primarily for young teens, but if that’s the case, I think Meyer painted a pretty poor picture of what sex is like. When Bella and Edward consummate their marriage, Bella is still human. Now yes, young human girls are not going to be having sex with vampires (as far as we know), but if this is their introduction to a sexual relationship, it seems to be giving the wrong message.

The sex between human Bella and vampire Edward is violent. Afterwards, she’s covered in bruises and he’s ashamed he hurt her. Yet she begs for more and he gives in because he loves her.

I could be reaching, but doesn’t this sound a little like domestic violence? Yes, they truly love each other, but if my young daughter was reading this, I wouldn’t want her walking away thinking that’s what a sexual relationship was like.

If you look at it a completely different way and pretend it was written for adults — it totally wasn’t steamy enough. Haha, I guess I just can’t win.

As far as a series goes, I think it was OK. The original Twilight was still my favorite, and I was annoyed the whole way through New Moon because I was totally team Jacob.  Eclipse was redeeming a bit and you know my thoughts on Breaking Dawn. Also, I was left with one question: what is Bella going to tell her mother? It’s never really resolved…she just kind alludes to the fact that they haven’t talked much lately. At some point, her mother is going to want to see her, no?

So there you have it. I’m glad I read them. I probably won’t read them again, and I’m interested to see the rest of the movies. Especially because I’m curious to see if they can really make Jacob look as mature as he is supposed to be by the end.

What did you think? Did the books live up to their hype?