Back in March I wrote a post about comments and this blog. You can read it here. In short, there is one woman who likes to anonymously harass me with stupid comments. She tries to be insulting, but they just end up sounding ridiculous and juvenile. She uses fake names and email addresses so she can hide behind her idiocy. Her comments are blocked and go directly to spam so they don’t post here.

Yesterday, after writing about my struggles with unemployment and the emotions that go along with it, she decided to pop up and say hi again, calling me a piece of sh*t. Oh, ouch.

Except this time, instead of her usual fakeness, she decided to take it to another level. She decided to impersonate my real friend and former blogger, Clink. She used her email address, her blog link…and her real name. Not “Clink”. Clink had never revealed her real name on her blog.

Which means, not only has this person been reading for awhile, but she has crossed the invisible blog line enough to know us either through emails or Facebook or something of the like. So at some point, she had to be nice to either me, or Clink, or both, to get Clink’s real name.

Which means this person is a big asshole.

I know there’s one in everyΒ  bunch. That for every 50 of you wonderful readers, there’s one bad apple who gets their jollys from pissing all over the place. I’ll never understand it, but I accept it.

I just want you to know, Big Asshole, that you’re not getting me down and despite what you say about me, I’m not going away.

And when you start your blog, please do send me the address. I’m storing up my piss in preparation.