I am a big, fat, freaking idiot.

I’m fair skinned. I freckle. If I want anything resembling a tan, it takes SPF 30 and many days in the sun. I’m diligent with my sunscreen use because I’m paranoid of skin cancer and check myself regularly to make sure none of my freckles look irregular.

And I always remind Michael to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days because, from experience, I know those can be some of the worst burns.

So when I went to the air show with friends yesterday, you think I would have followed by own advice.

But no, it was dark and cloudy and it didn’t even cross my mind to lotion up until the sun peeked out. And then I did. Thoroughly.

But it was too late.

And my chest and face and burnt. Badly. Enough that I spent the entire evening with a cold compress on my chest and feel a little nauseous this morning.

I am SO mad at myself. I am the poster child for sunburn prevention and yesterday I failed epically.

My face looks ridiculous. As does my chest. But really, my face. Ugh.

I’m hydrating and aloe-ing and am going back to bed because I feel like burnt toast.

Anyone know of any good home remedies for pain/peeling prevention? I’d prefer not to shed all over my friends and family.