I was just working on this self-reflecting, serious life stuff post when Kodiak asked me to go outside. (Yes, he “asks” by standing up, getting in my face and staring at me until I ask if he wants to go out. He responds with a bark for “yes”.)

Since he’s on leash-only outings until four weeks from surgery, I put it on him and we heading out into the yard.

Let it be known that as a child, I grew up in the woods. Like, the WOODS. With a dirt driveway and deer and squirrels and wild turkeys and raccoons and many other furry woodland creatures in the vicinity. I’ve never been afraid of animals and always got a kick out of it when friends from cities would visit and spaz out when a chipmunk ran across the yard.

So yeah. Not afraid of animals.

That yelp you heard all the way from Rhode Island? That was this blonde chick in her little surburban not wooded town being attacked by a bee who thought it would be funny to swarm around her head and not leave. That louder shriek? Was when she noticed a snake (a garter snake, but still…her brain just registered SNAKE) in the grass by the shed while being attacked by aforementioned bee, all while walking the dog who wanted to sniff and chase the snake omigod leave it, leave it, LEAVE IT!

That laugh you heard? Was her neighbor.


Self-reflection later this week. When there’s no more snakes around.