After nearly eight full-time years in Rhode Island, I still didn’t have a primary care physician. And since I want to do things in my life like start a family and oh, not be sick, I thought it was time to get one. The physical went fine, until they handed me a lab sheet and told me I had to get blood work.

Blood work and I don’t get along. Actually, blood work is a menace to all the women in my family. When we get blood drawn, we pass out. Like a light. Goodbye.

It must be a genetic thing because it has nothing to do with fear. Our bodies just DO NOT LIKE having blood removed from it.

So any time I have to have blood drawn, I nicely explain to the technician my situation and assure them that if I just lie down from the start, I’ll be perfectly fine.

I’ve found that the technician’s response ranges anywhere from indifferent compliance to my request, to outright annoyance (you would think I asked them to remove their own arm), to flat out refusal. (“No, you cannot lie down, but you can sit in this seat and try and slouch yourself down a little.” Yes, TRUE STORY and by the way, it DOESN’T WORK.)

But on occasion, there is a nice tech, who will immediately lead you to the bed, let you lie down, get the needle in on the first try and even give you apple juice afterwards.

The fact that I just enjoyed a cold class of juice and am decidedly NOT passed out right now, is why today is a Smile Friday.

Happy weekend!