I’ve stared at this screen for quite awhile now and the words? They’re not coming. So instead, I’ll fill you in on where I’ve been.

It started with a night out in Newport for Jen’s sister’s birthday. (You know Jen. I talk about her here a lot. Here she is.)


The night was a blast…


(I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing here. I blame that on Jello shots. Hence, the orange tongue.)

…but at some point in the night, a guy climbed up on his friend’s shoulders to get a better view of the band we were watching, then jumped down to the floor. Onto my ankle.


It’s a lovely shade of purple right now.

Then I headed home to New York to see the family.

july2009 074

(I heart my sister. And yes, same shirt as Saturday.)

One of the things I was looking forward to most was blueberry and raspberry picking at a farm I’ve been visiting since I was a toddler.

berry picking 7-09 003

berry picking 7-09 016

berry picking 7-09 032


I beat my dad at Scrabble (a hard thing to do) with my longest word being “Oranges” and my highest score on “Yoyos” (triple word score, baby).

I also broke out in a rash yesterday morning before leaving. I think it’s from eating too many blueberries.

It was worth it.