I hear people say things about losing a ton of weight in the summer because they’re so active! And eating fresh vegetables! And swimming weee!

I’m finding the opposite is true for me. I’m gaining weight because it’s been either too damn hot or too damn rainy to run or play tennis, I’m eating a ton of fresh vegetables…right along side the barbecued platters (and oh yeah, the beer…and the lobster mac n cheese I had this weekend. mmmm.), and I’m not really an ocean swimmer and don’t have daily access to a pool, so I’m not doing a whole lot of swimming.

My friends, I need to lose a little weight. Nothing drastic, just 5 pounds or so. Totally doable.

If I could get my barbecued butt going.

I have a goal, my brother-in-law’s wedding the last weekend in August. Five weeks from now. A pound a week? Can I do it?

On top of feeling better about myself, I’m hoping to also aid in lowering my cholesterol. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I lost a ton of weight before my wedding. (In the end, maybe actually a little TOO much weight.) I’m hoping the cholesterol goal plus my time line will be just as much motivation.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting numbers here. It’s not because I think you’ll be judging me for weighing too much, it’s that I’m tired of the “oh shut up, you’re thin” comments that people express when I’ve mentioned it’s time to get my butt in gear. Everyone has a weight they feel most comfortable at, whether their a size 20 or a size 2, am I right? I know that for myself, I could be in better shape. I’ve seen myself there. I want to lose the 5 pounds for myself, not because of vanity. (OK, maybe a smidge for vanity. A girl could do without the arm jiggle.)

So maybe just a weekly update on pounds lost. Because I know for me, other people’s success with weight loss has always been an inspiration for me. Maybe we can buddy up and all take on the summer pounds together.

Who’s with me?

* In middle school, I had a Ben & Jerry’s t-shirt that I got for free by sending in ice cream lids. It had a list of all their flavors on the back and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Until the kid who sat behind me in math class started calling me Chunky Monkey. I was a peanut in middle school, but that didn’t stop me from never wearing that shirt to class again. Ever.
** Also, the homemade ice cream shop walking distance from my house? SO NOT HELPING.