I hate how the media glamorizes infidelity. I always have. I love to go to the movies, but the minutes there’s a guy cheating on his woman I’m ready to chuck my shoes at the screen. The Last Kiss? Hated it. He’s Just Not That Into You? Pissed me off.

On Saturday I found myself all alone for the entire day. No husband, no friends, not a whole lot to do, so I turned to HBO to see if it could entertain me. There was this movie from the 70s playing called Same Time Next Year about a couple who meets once a year for more than 25 years to carry on an affair. It was funny, so I continued to watch it, but in the back of my mind it was making me angry. Especially when (spoiler alert) they chose to stay together and continue the affair at the end of the movie, despite the guilt they feel about it. And the way it’s set up, it ALMOST makes you happy that they stay together!

Infidelity makes me angry. Among the obvious reasons, I know exactly why it boils my blood so badly. I watched first-hand what cheating can do to a relationship. I watched it tear a woman I love to shreds and vowed that I would never, ever let a man cheat on me.

I have never had any fears about Michael. As a husband, as a man, he’s pretty much as good as you can get. I count my blessings every day for him and the relationship we’ve built together.

And I’m not going to pass judgement on anyone who has cheated because I can’t speak to their lives and situations. I’m not passing judgement, but I don’t agree with it, plain and simple. (Sounds like I’m passing judgement, eh? I’m really not.)

But I still see it all the time, treated as a casual thing on TV and in movies. Am I alone in thinking it’s terrible for the media to do this?