Can I just tell you all how excited I am about this little challenge of ours? As of today, more than seventy people are participating, offering support and being all around inspiring. I’ll admit I’m slightly overwhelmed by the task of organizing all your amazing results, but I’m getting through all your emails ad comments and will continue to update the Challenge page as the week goes on. Keep sending in your results!

Although I edit them down on the results page, I’ve been receiving amazing emails about your successes. Even if people stumbled, you’re all so positive and excited about your progress.

This week I threw myself into workout overdrive. In one day I ran, biked (we’re picking out one for me to buy, so I sampled a few. OW my butt.), and did an hour ab and arm program OnDemand. I couldn’t walk the next day. Like, holding my lower back, creeping around the house couldn’t walk. I may have overdone it.

After that day I maintained a regular workout routine, but found that no matter how many times I got on the scale, my weight wasn’t budging. Not even a little. And then…it went UP. I got really upset about it. Here I am, working my tail off and reading all these amazing weight loss stories, and I can’t drop a pound? What’s the deal?

I’ll tell you what the deal is. I’m weighing myself far too often. Not to mention, I’m weighing myself at different times during the day. Apparently I’m not alone.

LittleSpoon emailed me with this:

“What was I last week? 171.4? Well this morning I was 170.2. Great right? Well not when you consider the fact that I was 168.0 on Sunday. Yes, I weigh myself everyday. I’m fascinated by the daily 2 pound weight fluctuation. Even when it severely pisses me off.”

She had a loss, but she’s beating herself up because she weighed less one day, then went back up the next. I get it! I made the decision to lay off the scale and only weight myself on Weigh-In mornings when I first wake up.

I’m down 1.7 pounds!

No, it’s not a huge drop, but it’s a drop. Weeeee!

I’ve also noticed that some of are you are getting frustrated because you had big losses the first week, followed by little or no losses the second. Don’t get discouraged! Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser? The trainers on the show always talk about the second week curse. Participants lose a bunch of weight initially because they haven’t been working out in so long. After that, the body regulates, shakes itself out of its “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME OMIGOD!!!!” shock and starts losing gradually.

So if you lost four pounds last week and only one this week, don’t worry! You’re still doing great! I bet you have another loss next week.

And remember, we’re all in this together. We all have struggles. As a matter of fact, today, let’s talk about them. What’s your biggest hurdle so far? How do you think you can overcome it?

Mine is motivation because I get bored with my normal routines. I plan on tackling it with a new group exercise class.

Go on, share!