I wish I had something insightful or funny or entertaining to write about today, but the truth is, I don’t. I want to turn off the computer right this moment because you see in the summer? My husband takes a lot of overtime. The money is good and especially since I’m not working, any extra income is welcome.

But the downside is I don’t get to see him too much. Especially on the weekends, when he works 10 and 16 hour days, falls asleep, then does it all over again. I appreciate his work more than I can say, but the truth is I miss him like crazy.

So when he decided last night that today he would take a vacation day — on a day where there will be sun! and heat! and more sun! — I was overjoyed.

There will be boating. There will be lunching. And there will be a wonderful day spent with the man I am totally head over heels for.

I am so excited.