1. There is now a “designer” Snuggie. It comes in leopard print. I knew this even before I saw the commercial, because a woman got into the same elevator as me in Kansas City and she had one. And was excited about it. The Snuggie. Really.

2. My sister-in-law and I went into a jewelry store last weekend and starting oohing and ahhing over a very.big.ring. It was gorgeous, but we weren’t being serious about it. We just wanted to try it on. And try it on we did. All 7 carats, $301,000 of it. Yes, that was three hundred and one THOUSAND dollars. I wore a house on my finger. I wish I had taken a picture to show you.

3. Speaking of houses, I was checking out real estate listings in Kanas City for the hell of it, and found a 5 bedroom, 5 bath, granite kitchen, finished basement home for $245k. Our house is smaller than that, has no granite and does not have a finished basement. And let me just tell you, it did not cost $245k. Not even close. Perhaps we’re living in the wrong part of the country?

4. Pill-free update: so far, so good. The only real change I noticed were menstrual headaches. I never had those before and they are not fun, but I suppose nothing some Advil can’t fix.

5. I’m the tannest I’ve ever naturally been in my entire life. Apparently, when you have time to spend consecutive days on the beach and the boat, this is what happens. Of course now, it’s getting chilly again. Bye, bye, color.

6. I’m experiencing a major blog blockage right now, hence the Randomness. I’m really frustrated by it, actually. Is it time to hang up my blogging hat? Have you as bloggers experienced this? How did you get through it? Did you push through, or pull the plug?