Yeah, I promised you pictures on Tuesday. And I would have taken them too, except the towel racks weren’t hung and I was still maniacally touching up the walls and oh yeah, there were no doors.

If you’re looking for a way to become super close to your significant other, I suggest taking the door off your bathroom. It’s a whole new form of closeness, my friends.

I consider the room a work in progress, because there’s still spots along the trim that need some touch ups and we found some BLUE OMIGOD BLUE on the side of the sink that needs to be scraped off. And I’d probably still be lazy about these photos had my friend D not emailed me last night with a “you suck. post photos.” message.

Ok, D. This is for you. (And for everyone else who reminded me oh-so nicely, photos? Yes?)

Before: The Blue Cave OMIGOD BLUE (blurry photos not on purpose, nor indicative of my usual photo-taking skills. I blame it on the blue rage.)


(For the record, I chose neither of those paint samples.)


Oh hello, hotness.


My own personal blue lagoon.

And remember these? The all mighty and powerful sconces from hell? Underneath them was sailboat wallpaper. And not just any sailboat wallpaper. Big, tall Mayflower-type sailboats.

And compasses. YES.


After: What’s this? A modern bathroom???


Blue? Where are you, boy?


Yes, a little blue on the socket. It’s on the list. But oh! No medicine cabinet! And the closet in the reflection that was BLUE OMIGOD BLUE? Not blue! (Faucet to be changed this week. New faucet currently sitting in box on dining room table.)


Yes, some touch ups needed on the ceiling line, but people. White ceiling. New sconces. No blue.

I’m in a little beige slice of heaven right now.