AHH SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. So. On a lighter note…

There hasn’t been a lot of shopping around these parts over the past year because every time I go to buy something I’m racked with immense unemployment shopping guilt. I go through the “Do I neeeed it, or do I waaaaant it?” dance and more times than not, I really, truly, don’t need it. Sad.


When my mom came to visit she wanted to do some shopping and I realized that I had an unused Macy’s gift card and do you know what that means?


Well, boots. But still.

Tianna by Steve Madden

Tianna by Steve Madden

I bought them in black, but here they are in gray and ummm….wow. I want these too.

I highly recommend these boots to anyone like me who has small calves and finds themselves swimming in any boot that is remotely cute, standing around looking like chicken legs sticking out of garbage cans.

These have just enough slouch to stay close to my legs and because I finally broke down and bought a flat pair rather than one with heels, I can wear them a lot. A lot, a lot.

Currently, I’ve been wearing them with a lot of leggings plus dresses or long tops, but they fit over jeans too.

All in all, a perfect Fall purchase.

What are you craving this season? Boots? Jeans? The perfect coat? Tell me so I can drool.