The other day my friend sent me a link to a site that totally made my day. So I want to make your day too.

We’re all familiar with Etsy, yes? It’s a site filled with beautiful handmade goods. I’ve drooled over many a thing, from art to jewelry.


Every now and then you come across something a little…odd. Or more than odd. And you have a good laugh and forget about it.

Until now.

Because of this brilliant site, you will never forget the awkward Etsy things. Although, you might want to.

Regretsy is one of my first stops every morning now and if you want to start your day with a laugh (or shock and horror), it will be one of yours too.

Like, how about some moose-poop jewelry?


Yeah. It’s real.

The site always features the seller’s actual description, but by far it’s the commentary they add that makes the site so fantastic.

Happy time wasting. And, you’re welcome.