Back in August I wrote about stopping my birth control and since then I’ve received some emails asking “So yeah, how’s THAT going?’

Actually? It’s awesome.

Look, the pill did exactly what I needed it to do for 10 years. But now that I’m not taking it anymore? I don’t miss it. Not one bit.

(I’m jumping up and down in my living room right now shouting “TMI! TMI! I’m going to talk about my period!!”

(That was your warning.)

(And the end of parenthesis.)


So yes, my period. Cycle one was…interesting. It definitely took my body a month to adjust and the first “regular” period was very short, but it was preceded by SIX DAYS of spotting. Six. Days.



Since I started charting my basal body temperature (BBT), I also knew that I didn’t ovulate until day 23. Which is a little long. Most (NOT all) women have an average 28-day cycle, with ovulation happening somewhere around day 14. This is not an exact science, and many have much longer cycles. I was pretty sure that’s what was going to happen with me.

Until cycle 2, this month, when according to my chart, I ovulated on day 13. So I guess my body just needed a little regulating.

This hormone-free thing has been great. No weight gain, no crazy hormones (the hyena never did show up), and aside from a few tiny blemishes, there was no major change.

I’ve also become so much more intuned with my body, noticing twinges and feelings I never did before. This is both very cool (I know my body!) and slightly annoying (my body is doing WHAT? What does this mean??)

So, overall, a good decision.

Yet, here’s an anecdote for you:

I trust the charts and all, but I wanted to REALLY see if they were right, so I decided to go out and buy some ovulation prediction kits (OPK). They look and work very similar to a pregnancy test. You pee on the stick, wait, and see if you have a LH surge — a hormone that is always present in the female body, but surges 12-48 hours before ovulation.

Anyway, those babies aren’t cheap. So I did some reading and found out that Dollar Tree has them for, um, a dollar, and they are just as accurate as the fancy, dancy, $18/box ones.

We have a Dollar Tree locally, so I went in, found the tests and walked up to the register with two in hand. I had them face down on the conveyor, one, because the UPC was on the back of the box and two, because, well, I didn’t feel the need to announce to all of Dollar Tree that “Hi!!!! I’m potentially ovulating!!!”

The cashier was an older woman, probably in her late 60s. She scanned the tests, bagged them, took my money, and then looked up at me with a smile.

Then in the loudest voice known to man, she asked, “IS THIS YOUR FIRST?”

My first? Ovulation test? Pee stick?



“Oh…yeah, well. No, I mean, it’s not a preg…I mean, it’s an ovulat…”

(The man behind me with the box of nails look less than comfortable.)

(I lied about the parenthesis.)


“Yeah. Ok, thanks.”


Well, at least that ordeal only cost me $2.14.