Today I’m thankful for:

– my husband, who did lots and lots of laundry yesterday from start to finish. Since I’m not working, I’ve basically taken over all house stuff as my job, but it still meant a lot for him to take over that task yesterday.

– the discovery that Kodiak LOVES baby feet. We’ve encountered two babies on the beach lately (don’t you just love when they’re strapped on their parent’s chest with the feet kicking?) and both times he beelined for their little toes, covering them in kisses. This is good, since I plan to fill the house with lots of baby feet in the future.

– Thanksgiving. It’s right around the corner and this year we get to celebrate twice! The actual day with my in-laws, then the following day with my family. Melding two families can definitely get tricky when it’s holiday time, but this year things worked out great. And…twice the stuffing! (My favorite.)

– Real maple sugar candy, that we stocked up on before heading home from New Hampshire.

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin on ABC tonight. I’m a sucker for the Charlie Brown holiday specials.

What are you thankful for today?