Last night I dreamt my hair was falling out. I was standing in front of a mirror pulling clumps and clumps away from my head and tossing them in the sink. In my dream, I wasn’t freaked out, but when I woke up, you can bet the first thing I did was reach for my locks to make sure they were still there.

According to some internet research, this dream symbolizes I am afraid of losing my youth and vitality. At 26.

I wasn’t aware I was having this panic, but hey, who am I to argue with the leading experts on dream analysis. (Cough, cough.)


About a month ago I wrote an email to a blogger who I really enjoy reading. It isn’t often I write these type of emails, but I really wanted to say it. They never wrote back. Part of me knows that being a little hurt by that is stupid and juvenile, but the other part of me doesn’t care. I guess I would have liked a response.

Which got me to thinking about all the wonderful emails I’ve received and the possibility that maybe I didn’t respond to all of them? I have a bad habit of reading emails on my phone, then forgetting to go back and respond to them.

So if you ever wrote me a heartfelt letter and I didn’t respond, consider this my officially apology. You deserved a response — a thank you. If you write to me again, I promise I”ll write back this time.


I received a Happy Anniversary tweet from this woman and nearly fell out of my seat. I adore her. Like, total blog crush. It kind of made up for the unanswered email.


A few of you asked for pictures of our anniversary trip and um, well, I didn’t take any. Mostly because it was raining the first day and the second day I just forgot until right before we left, when I pulled Michael into a gazebo to take a “proof we were here” photo. It didn’t come out so great. When your husband is 6’4″, you tend to cut out his head in self portraits. All the time.


But here’s the view from our suite last year:


And then I tried to be all artistic and take a picture of our rings with the lake in the background. Fail.


I think I’ll stick with writing as my hobby.


Yesterday I found a PostSecret-inspired secret in my library book. It read: “I used to think that my mom would be attacked by a lion in her sleep…so I started sleeping in the doorway of her room to protect her.”

I’ve heard about people finding handwritten secrets in books, and I think it’s awesome. Maybe I’ll add my own before I return it!