I went with my friend on Halloween night to take her younger brother and his friends trick-or-treating. Along the way, I noticed some things:

– If you’re 1o years old and want to dress as a pirate, dress as a pirate. But not a sexy pirate. There’s no reason you should  be wearing fishnets and knee high boots with no jacket and a lot of skin showing. (On a side note: why are these costumes even being made for kids??)

– If you’re wearing those knee high boots, your feet are going to hurt. And no, you may not leave the group by yourself in the dark and go home to change. You’ll wait until we go back together and maybe you’ll remember to wear sneakers next  year.

– It’s customary to say “trick-or-treat!” when you ring the doorbell, not just hold open your bag of candy. And what ever happened to saying “thank you”?!

– If the house looks dark, no one is home. If the porch light is out, even if they’re home, they’re not answering the door. Do not knock on their window, please.

– “Please take one” means please take ONE. Not four.

– If you’re old enough to drive yourself from house to house, you’re too old to trick-or-treat.