I think for the next six months or so, Smile Friday will be Belly Friday, because I think it’s something to smile about!

The first picture is the from October 19, the day I found out I was pregnant. The quality is terrible and I’m not in my normal “photo spot” because I was just TOO DAMN EXCITED to worry about photos. Ironically, I thought I looked bloated that day. HA.

The second photo is from yesterday, exactly 12 weeks pregnant.

Internet, meet my beer, er, baby gut.

This week was the first week Michael started to notice the difference, so I won’t bother with photos from week 7  (when I started with weekly photos) through 11. They all look fairly similar to each other.

I’d also like to mention that Morning Belly and Evening Belly are two very different bellies. It has something to do with, you know, eating all day and your bowels (ick), but Evening Belly is a lot more noticable. Which is making dressing for a Christmas party this weekend…interesting. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of which outfit wins.

Unfortunately, it won’t include those very stretchy and forgiving yoga pants pictured above.

Happy weekend!