Yesterday was the start of my 15th weeks of pregnancy and I swear, it’s flying by!

(This is actually week 14, but it came out better than the week 15 photo.)

According to all the weekly newsletters I receive in my email, This Little Baby is now the size of a navel orange and is kicking up a storm, even though I can’t feel it yet. Although, if I’m being honest, during a prenatal massage on Wednesday (the only solution I found for the persistent 2nd trimester headaches), I rolled onto my stomach (yes, I can still lie on it) and I felt…something.

It wasn’t quite a flutter, or a swish, or any of the other descriptions I’ve read that describe baby’s first detected movements (the technical term is “quickening”), but is was definitely a something. Enough of a something to make me gasp and shove my hand under my belly. The best way I can describe it was like a slow rolling feeling in the lower right side of my belly. It was not gas, and I’ve read that if you’re of a slim build you can actually start to feel little movements here and there this early so WHOA! That’s my BABY!

It happened once more when I was on the couch last night, so I’m hoping in the next few weeks I’ll really start to recognize his/her movements.

And the his/her question? Will be answered in three weeks omigod! (Assuming, of course, that TLB is feeling cheeky enough to expose itself to us during the ultrasound!)

One last thing of note, after dinner last night I was feeling really full and hiked my shirt up to rub my belly absentmindedly while watching TV. Michael came over and exclaimed, “Hey! Your belly button is different!”

It is?

“It used to be so deep and tiny I couldn’t see into it, but now I can! And it looks like a little butt!”

Thanks, honey. A little butt. A belly BUTTon.

Just wait until it pops out  like a turkey timer!

Happy weekend!