In brief, I’ve been out of the house for the last two days, driving to and from Hartford, CT, which is about two hours from our house.

Kodiak started experiencing random bouts of very bad pain, where he yelps and cries and can’t lift his head or walk well. It will come on quickly, lasts the day, then disappears for weeks.

After countless vet visits and no solution, we called the doctor who preformed his surgeries in the past. He’s a great guy and the ONLY doctor we feel has listened to us so far about these symptoms.

Kodiak had to stay overnight (tell a pregnant woman she has to leave her “fur baby” overnight in Hartford and she will CRY) and had an MRI and a spinal tap yesterday morning to rule out scary things like cancers and tumors and meningitis. GAH.

On first glance, the MRI appeared clean, but we should know final results on Monday.

As always, as quickly as the pain comes on, it’s gone, and today my furry boy is happy and rambunctious as usual.

Well, slightly less furry. Because they SHAVED HIS HEAD.

And we didn’t know they were going to!

He wouldn’t let me get a straight-on photo, but now it looks like his ears are higher than his head. SO WEIRD.

So yes, that’s where I’ve been. With Mr. Kodiak and the weirdo hair do. Please think good thoughts and send love to our (slightly less) fluffy boy!