Dear Baby,

Today is the beginning of our 18th week together and it’s a very special day, because today is the day we find out if you’re a girl or a boy! Every night this week has felt like Christmas Eve to me. I’m so excited to see your little face (albeit a grainy little face, silly ultrasounds) and finally know if you are going to be our little daughter or son. Little Baby, I just have one request of you today: don’t be shy!

My 17th week of pregnancy was a nice one. You’re dancing around more than ever churning up lots of bubbles, even occasionally bopping my insides with some real kicks. Your Daddy has yet to feel them yet, but he really wants to. At this rate, I think he’ll be able to feel you soon. You are especially active after some orange juice or very cold water. You make a big stink if Kodiak barks too loud andย yesterday your Daddy let out the biggest burp and you kicked me in protest! I think that means you already have good manners.

Look, here you are!


My only discomfort lately has been sleeping. It’s getting harder and harder to get comfortable, but the addition of a third pillow under my neck and shoulders seems to have helped a little. I miss those 14-hour sleep comas from the first trimester, but I suppose the frequent wake ups are good practice for your arrival. But, you’re going to be a good sleeper, right, Baby?

On Wednesday I had my monthly appointment and as soon as the doppler touched my belly, your heartbeat was loud and clear. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I listened to it race away, the loudest and strongest I’ve heard it yet. I will never get tired of that sound.

I love you, my little dancing baby. I can’t wait to see you!