I think there is this misconception that to be a Mommy Blogger, you have to put your child’s picture on the blog. In our case, This Little Baby (This Little BOY!) will not be making photo appearances.

Long before I ever got pregnant, Michael and I discussed it and he was not comfortable with the idea of putting our baby’s face out on the Internet. I pouted about it a little, but realized that in the end, it doesn’t matter. I can still share with you the ups and downs of parenting without posting his face. And I can still get away with pictures of chubby little feet and long eyelashes.

I am hoping to maybe post a few new, new, newborn shots, when he’s really only distinguishable to us, but no promises on that either.

It’s funny. Before I was pregnant I thought this would be a big loss. That not sharing photos of our children would somehow diminish the words I wanted to say. And then we found out he was a boy, and the thought of posting his “boy parts” picture horrified me. Sure, he’s an itty, bitty baby in my womb, but those are his private parts! I’m hardly a prude, but I think I’ll try and avoid embarrassing him until at least the third grade.

And those words? The words that make this blog a blog? They’ll still be here. I think we’ll be just fine.

I will share his name with you, though. After he’s born. There’s a few options being tossed around and I’m excited to choose one.

Although, if you feel like tossing out some boy names, I’d be MORE than happy to look them over. Maybe we’re missing a gem!