Dear Baby Boy,

You have a pronoun! You’re a “he”, a “him”. This is so very awesome.

Week 18 was my favorite week of pregnancy thus far, because we were able to see you on the ultrasound and this time you were so much more than a little lima bean. You’re a person — an actively kicking little boy, who at one point during the ultrasound put your little fist under your chin like The Thinker. Oh my goodness, you are just too cute.

You spent most of the time on your side, waving hello and kicking Mommy in the kidney. Ouch. The ultrasound tech tried in vain to get you to roll over to get a better view of your other side, but you were too cozy and content to move. Daddy joked that you’re just like him — not a morning person! If you end up being a night owl like him, you will have lots of special bonding time with Daddy night, while I crash into bed by 11…or at least until your next feeding.

Your ultrasound pictures are on the desk in our office — the room that will soon be converted into your bedroom — and every time I walk past the room I have to stop and take a peek. I can’t stop marveling at your little profile, how round your head looks and how tiny your nose. I am unbelievably smitten and find myself pridefully boasting about you and your cuteness to whoever will listen.

They estimated you to weigh about 9 ounces right now, not even as much as a can of soda. According to statistics, you’re a little larger than most babies at this stage, but only a little. And those stats are just an estimate anyway. You probably just had a growth spurt this week — especially since the ultrasound tech laughed and said you have a big belly! Being a worried mommy, I asked if that was OK and she assured me it was — that it just meant you’re a healthy, growing boy. But with a daddy who was 9 lbs. 8 oz. and now stands at 6’4″, you have the potential to be a VERY healthy and big boy. Your mommy was only 5 lbs. 10 oz., so maybe you’ll be somewhere right in the middle. With that round head, I sure hope so for my sake!

The announcement that a little boy was joining our family has been such exciting news for you grandparents, your Auntie S. and extended family and friends. Everyone is so psyched to meet you! This week, two very sweet packages arrived for you, full of the softest and sweetest little clothes I could ever imagine. I held them up to my chest and the smallness of them overwhelmed me. I pictured your Buddha belly filling the onesies and your little legs and arms snuggled inside them and melted into a puddle of mommy goo.

Symptom-wise I feel fantastic, aside from a very stuffy nose (still) and some shortness of breath. Sleeping continues to get less and less comfortable, but we’re down to only one bathroom visit in the middle of the night, and for that, I’m very grateful. Your kicks (I call them “bops”) are getting stronger each day, and I bet Daddy will be able to feel you in the next few weeks.

As I write this, you’re making your now familiar bubbles on my left side. I think we have the Girl Scout cookie I just ate to thank for that. It’s probably a good thing you’re not going to be Girl Scout, because I would buy (and eat) all your cookies!

Thank you for another wonderful week, little boy.