Since we found out we’re having a boy, people have bee spoiling him already left and right. We’re well on our way to a substantial little boy wardrobe, especially from my mom, and lately a little from Michael’s mom as well. On Sunday, my mother-in-law surprised me with not only a gift for my son, but a gift for me as well, in the form of clothes.

I was a little apprehensive when I opened the bag, because clothes are such a personal thing. I usually don’t buy clothes for people unless I know for a fact they either wanted it, or would really, really like it. I’ve had some success buying clothes as gifts for my mom and sister, but even those can be a miss every now and then.

To my mother-in-law’s credit, she really tried and it was a very sweet gesture. Unfortunately, the minute I opened the first shirt, I knew it wouldn’t work. Specifically, because it was a perfect square. I know this type of cut can work on some women, but it’s in my experience that on me, if a shirt starts out as a perfect square, it will remain one once on my body.

And with my ever-expanding girth, not to mention a chest that has already grown 3-inches, I could tell that this little shirt was going to look, well…little.

Case in point:

Falls a little short, no? I feel like I should have an open beer can in my hand.

I emailed today thanking her so much, but explaining that the shirt is a little small, and would she mind if I exchanged it? I really hope I didn’t offend her because it was a nice thing she did, but a uni-boob and an exposed gut just won’t cut the mustard around here.

I’m finding that at this stage, nearly 20-weeks pregnant, it’s time to bite the bullet and actually buy some maternity shirts. I’ve been getting away with regular shirts in longer, stretchier styles up until now, but since they provide no definition between my chest and stomach, I’m starting to dislike them. Luckily, I fit into a few maternity tops that were loaned to me by a friend, and the difference is remarkable. I’m also in the market for some simple maternity layering tanks, as all my pre-pregnancy tanks now give me that same exposed stomach look that would be adorable on a sandy beach in Maui, but not so much in chilly Rhode Island. Any recommendations on where to buy some good ones?

My mother-in-law hit the mark with the baby clothes, though. My favorite was a fuzzy lamb-like snow outfit, complete with little ears on the hood. SO CUTE.

Updated to add: for any mommies-to-be, save up to 40% on maternity clothes at Old Navy right now, plus free shipping with code ONGIVE50 at checkout! I scored 11 items for $100 tonight! (I used an old gift card so I didn’t spend any of my own money, but even if I had, it’s a great deal!) Once they arrive I’ll do a post on how the items turned out since I’m ordering without trying on. And for non-mommies, the free shipping works on all orders until February 18th.