Dear Baby Boy,

Today is the last day of our 19th week of pregnancy. Tomorrow we will officially have reached the halfway point! This week you were showered with so many presents, including super soft jammies, the sweetest little onesies and your first pair of shoes — teeny, tiny navy blue boat shoes that I want to gobble up for breakfast.

You have been so active this week, especially in the evenings. My new favorite part of the day is when I first go to bed. I lie on my back and you kick, kick, kick. “Hi, Mommy! I’m awake, Mommy!” We’ve tried a few times to get Daddy to feel you, but the minute he puts his hands on my belly, I swear you stop. It’s like you’re playing a little game with us.

I have a new game I like to play with you, too. It doesn’t work all the time, but sometimes you’ll kick me, I’ll nudge you back, and then you’ll kick me again! Most likely, you don’t like me shoving you, but I like to think it’s our way of talking.

We’re trying to pick a name for you. I’m pretty much set on one that I love, but while Daddy likes it, he hasn’t committed to it yet. Names are hard, little one! We want one that will work for you from childhood through adulthood, isn’t too common, but isn’t too trendy, and has a nice flow with our last name.

I’ve started imagining your life in the future. What will you be like? Will you like sports? Love sailing like Daddy? Play music like Mommy? Be artistic? You come from a long line of musically and artistically talented people, so I hope you inherit some of that. We don’t have a piano in the house right now due to space issues, but every time I have the chance elsewhere, I play for you. As soon as we have more space I’ll be getting a piano for our own home, and I hope it’s something you enjoy to play as much as I do.

Will you have white-blond hair like Daddy did when he was a baby, or a darker shade like me? Will you get Daddy’s mile-long eyelashes? (I hope you do!) What about Mommy’s smile?

I’m so excited to see who you will be, Little Boy. It’s been a great first half of pregnancy, and I’m so excited for the next half with you.

I love you!