– I have a severe case of Pregnancy Brain. Yesterday, I spent the entire day with deodorant on only one armpit. I make a list for the grocery store, then come home with things I didn’t need, and forget things that were on the list. I forget what I needed in the kitchen after walking the five feet from the living room. I find myself stopping mid-sentence to try and regain my stream of thought. I stood in front of the barista at Starbucks with my mouth open like a fish while she waited patiently for my brain to catch up with my voice and order a drink.

I read in some pregnancy book that you should say things out loud to remember them. “I’m putting my keys by the door!”, “I’m going to buy milk!”

I don’t know if this would work for me. And I don’t think the barista would appreciate me shouting “I’m going to drink this chai!” at her.

– I registered at Babies R Us. Have you ever  been in a Babies R Us? It was one of the most overwhelming places I’ve stepped foot in, and if it wasn’t for my good friend who is also a new mommy, I probably would have wandered around, sat in the gliders, and left in search of chocolate. Luckily, she helped guide me and I managed to make a registry full of some good stuff (I think). (I hope). I still have some items to add, but I can do that mostly online now and am glad I got the big stuff out of the way.

– We decided to try and sell our house. Clearly, we are insane. Michael has spent the last 12 hours painting our master bedroom, which was an unfortunate shade of school bus yellow. Even the ceiling. And the back of the door. And the window. It was like the blue bathroom all over again.

Except this time, I’m not painting, because the wee one would not like the fumes very much. So I’ve been trying to clean ever nook and cranny of the rest of the house so it will be presentable to show. It’s amazing the kind of stuff you live with and don’t notice, but a potential buyer would zoom right in on. I know this because I’ve zoomed right in on them in the houses we’ve looked at. My next task is cleaning out my big closet, which is something I’ve been putting off for ages. Meeeeeehhhh.

– I have some events coming up that require dressing up a little. Nothing too formal, but definitely a dress. I attempted to try on some pre-pregnancy dresses in my closet, but the results were laughable. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new one, because I’m finding maternity clothes really aren’t worth a ton of money. For the amount of time you really need them (in my case, I only just started to really need maternity tops), I just don’t see the point in spending a lot. Except for pants. My maternity jeans were the best investment I’ve made since the pregnancy test!

I stopped in Target after Babies R Us and was pleasantly surprised to find this dress:

It fist so nicely and will carry me through the events I have coming up. Wee! (Is it me, or does this woman not even look pregnant?)

– Easter candy is out. Which means Cadbury Mini Eggs are out.