Little Boy,

Welcome to the end of our 21st week together! Tomorrow is my monthly doctor’s appointment, which means Daddy and I get to listen to your heartbeat again. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

This past weekend, your Grandpa came to visit. We had a really nice time, and even took some pictures to show you when you’re bigger. You’ll probably make fun of the one of me lying on the couch, annoyed that Grandpa was tying to take a picture of me with toilet paper up my nose. (I hope you never have a bloody nose. It’s gross.)

The best part about this week is that Daddy felt you kick for real! I was lying on my side and you curled up in the crook of my hip and BOP! I grabbed his hand and shoved it under my side and then…BOP, BOP, BOP!!!!

He was so happy to feel you and it gave me the warm fuzzies all day. It’s becoming more frequent now, and every time he can feel you kick it puts a big smile on his face.

You’ve become quite active, and are kicking around most of the day. You do quiet down in the car, though, which makes me think you’ll fall asleep as soon as the car starts moving. Fine by me!

This weekend your Nonni (that’s Mommy’s mommy!) is coming to visit and she can’t wait to put her hands on my belly. You were stubborn for Grandpa, but maybe you’ll give Nonni a good kick.

My letter to you this week ends with a little advice: as you get older, people will not always be nice. Sometimes they will say mean things and hurt your feelings. It happened to Mommy today — words that stung from a perfect stranger on the Internet! — and it never feels good. (Actually, I think you’re not going to be allowed to use the Internet for a very long time.) But I want you to know that no matter what people say to you in your life, you are already an incredible little boy and we love you with our whole hearts. Ignore the meanies, baby.

I love you, kicking boy!