…and then I’m done, I promise.

I think I’m giving some people the wrong impression that while I agree that pregnancy — especially for first-time mothers — can make women very belly-centric,Β  that means I have no life outside of my pregnancy. I find this ridiculous. Someone yesterday said I was “obsessed” with my pregnancy. Obsessed? No. Fascinated, interested, wanting to share everything I’m learning? Yes. I know what I said in the post, but I think I just didn’t say enough to be clear.

This is my forum to dump whatever is going on in my head. I’ve been doing it for years. For awhile, I wrote about shoes all the time. I was super interested in them. Some people loved it, some people said I was vapid. Then, I wanted to get engaged, and I wrote about that a lot. Some people could relate, others called me annoying. Then the wedding…a LOT of wedding. I bet you can guess how people felt. You can’t please everyone.

Now, I’m pregnant. And in this forum, I’ve chosen to share my thoughts and feelings with my readership. I realize I never “marketed” this space as a Pregnancy Blog, but then again, I never “marketed” it as anything other than what’s going on in my life. So as my life evolves, the blog can only do the same.

A life, that I do, still in fact have outside the circumference of my stomach. I do daily things and enjoy activities that have nothing to do with a baby. And I plan on continuing things that have nothing to do with a baby after I give birth.

But because this forum has allowed me to connect with so many different people outside of my every day life, it’s been a great place for me to share. Especially since it’s connected me with so many women who are either pregnant, have been pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant. It’s the same way I became friendly with former brides-to-be (some who are now real life friends) through blogging, because we could all relate toΒ each other.

I realize that some of you are bored and since the nicer ones have stated that you’d like to hear a little bit more of that every day stuff sans pregnancy, I will make an effort to bring some of that back. Along with the pregnancy posts. Because guys? I’m pregnant. And I’m still going to talk about it. Just maybe not all the time.