Another week comes to a close! According to one of my books, tomorrow begins my six month of pregnancy. What? Month six? We’re there already? Holy moly. This past weekend my mom came to visit and spent a lot of time with her hands on my belly. She also remarked that I’ve developed the classic pregnant woman “wishbone” shape, where my lower back curves like it’s ready to be snapped and make a wish.

This probably explains why I spend at least 10 minutes of every day complaining that my back/butt area hurts.

I decided to start doing the weekly updates in more of a bullet form and leave the letters to baby mostly private, with some sharing of them here and there. Mostly because they’re always so darn sappy! I really liked how Kasia formatted her last pregnancy update, so I’m basically stealing it from her. It’s OK, though, because she rocks.

WEIGHT. I weigh myself occasionally at home, but since it can fluctuate day to day I leave the official count to the scale at my doctor’s office. Which informed me last week that I have currently gained a total of 12 pounds. I know this is a good thing, but nothing prepared me for the surprise of gaining seven pounds in one month. My doctor told me I’m still on track, though, and said she would suggest I gain as much as 35 pounds  by the end of my pregnancy. I’m not shooting for a specific number, because it could end up being any number above or below that, but I will try to keep gaining and a (somewhat) steady rate.

What’s funny to me is I am officially the weight I was when I graduated college, although I’m carrying it completely different now. I guess that’s what happens when your weight is mostly baby related and not caused by 10-cent wings and the contents of red Solo cups. Huh, what do you know.

SYMPTOMS. Other than the aforementioned lower back pain, my symptoms haven’t been too bad. Occasional heartburn, a little sleep discomfort and the ever-present stuffy nose. I almost hate to say it because I’ll probably jinx myself, but my skin seems to finally be reverting back to its 27-year old self, and not that of 14-year old me. I hope. Please.

MOVEMENT. He is SO BUSY. At 22 weeks there will still be days when I don’t feel him as much, but most of the time he is active, awake and letting me know it. And letting others know it, too. Having Michael be able to feel him makes me incredibly happy, but it was equally cool when my mom and friend Ashley felt him kick as well.

The other night, I fell asleep on the couch lying behind Michael and he told me the next day that the entire time, he was getting kicked in the butt by his son. Hilarious! And last night someone else got kicked in the face…Kodiak! He was lying on my belly when he got a surprise bop to the face. He was all, “mom, why did you do that?”

At our 18-week ultrasound Little Boy was stubborn and wouldn’t roll over for the tech, making it difficult for her to get a clear measurement of his heart. Everything looked fine, but since they wanted that shot, we got to go again! This time we watched him put his hands on his face and kick, kick, kick. It was fun being able to watch him move, and feel it at the same time.

I tried to label this one to make it easier to understand. See the feet in the left corner, followed by a leg, a knee bent and a little tush on the bottom right?

WHAT I MISS. I don’t really miss alcohol, but my friend was drinking wine the other night and it smelled incredible. I wanted to crawl inside the glass. At the same time, though, her brussel sprouts smelled like roasted feet, so maybe my sense of smell is still wacky.

I miss my waist. I’m thinking of throwing it a bon voyage party, because it’s definitely on its way out. I am feeling decidedly rectangular, with a big ol’ belly in front. I’ve been told that I look like I’m all belly right now, which is flattering, but I don’t totally believe them! I miss my belly button. It used to be so deep and small that I had never seen the inside of it, and now it’s a weird innie-outie hybrid that seems to be sticking out more on the right than on the left. I don’t know when it’s going to pop, but I think it’s going to happen soon.

On to week 23!