I vacuumed the dog. Not on purpose. By accident. He was being stubborn and didn’t want to move so I was gently getting closer and closer to him with the rug attachment in an effort to annoy him enough to move.

Except, I got too close with the beater bar and he has really long belly hair and all of the sudden….YEEEEEELP!!!!!!

I sucked up his belly in the vacuum. It all happened so fast. He jumped up, I instinctively yanked the vacuum off of him, then shut it off, and he went to cower behind Michael. Then proceeded to bark at the thing that attacked him. I felt horrible. I buried my face in his side and sobbed and sobbed until Michael assured me that he was fine, just startled. Bad mom, party of one.

Of course, he’s fine. But he’s a little wary of the vacuum now.

I had a kitchen accident. Last week I made phenomenally good peanut butter cookies, but when it came time to use my brown sugar I discovered it had harden into a rock. I tried to no avail to break it up, but made no more progress than making a mess on the counter. On the side of the box, I discovered a solution for softening hard sugar: place in bowl, cover with wet paper towel and seal with plastic wrap. Microwave for 1.5-2 minutes until soft.

So that’s what I did. I went for two minutes because the sugar was so hard. But…

…it exploded. Like, everywhere. It bubbled up inside the plastic wrap and oozed over the bowl into the microwave in a sticky, smelly, sugary mess. The plastic essentially melted to the bowl and the sugar smelled burnt.

I managed to salvage the sugar inside the bowl and everything turned out fine, but it was quite the kitchen disaster.

I fell over. And crushed some flowers. My sister and I spent some time transplanting daffodils from the yard to the flower beds yesterday. We discovered quickly that if you’re six months pregnant, squatting to dig doesn’t work out too well, so sitting on a bucket makes things easier. But see, I didn’t account for the shift in my balance and I fell.


And then I stepped on some crocuses.