Oh yeah. I have a blog. And a computer. Maybe I should sign onto these things more than once every four days.

So…updates! Instead of something coherent! Wee!

– We’ve finally dried out in our part of little Rhode Island, which means the basement is finally free of water and most of the stuff we had down there is back in. Except for some random odds and ends that are still spread out in our backyard, making it look like a sadly picked over yard sale. If anyone would like to purchase a slightly damp copy of The Taming of the Shrew, I’m your go-to girl.

– Both my glucose test and RhoGAMย shot came and went without drama, and to be honest, I don’t see what the big stink about the glucose test is all about. The drink tasted like a cold, very sweet Koolaid and while it did leave me a little jittery, that was the worst of it. They let me lay down and read my book for an hour, took my blood and I headed home. Hopefully I pass!

– Easter weekend was busy, but lovely. I spent Saturday celebrating the bridal shower of one of my closest friends, Michelle. She was my college roommate and one of my bridesmaids, and I’m so excited to be one of hers this August!

I brought Belly Button along for the day. I like to take her out and show her the sights since she’s new to the neighborhood and likes to see what’s going on. I also brought my big ol’ pregnancy face because, well, I can’t take it off.

The bridesmaids all went in on a KitchenAid mixer for her and I’m so thrilled we did. I love mine and I think every household should have one. They’re just fab.

– My mother-in-law bought me an industrial sized bag of Cadbury mini eggs for Easter. Like, as big as my head. Bless her. The only downside is they give me wicked heartburn, but, um, I still eat them.

– Are you watching Parenthood? Michael and I are hooked on it. I really like the storyline, and I’m pretty sure he’s just in it for Lauren Graham sightings.

It’s OK. I watch Law & Order: SVU for Elliot Stabler.