Dear Motherhood Maternity store # I’m not sure, but you’re in Connecticut,

Due to recent flooding in the state of Rhode Island, when I found myself without any short sleeve shirts that fit me, I was unable to go to our local mall to purchase some. See, the interior of the mall had about three feet of water damage and it’s going to be awhile before it reopens. No worries, I thought. I’m meeting a friend in Connecticut for lunch, so I’ll just pop into a mall there beforehand and get what I need.

I arrived at your store early in the day. The mall was still quiet, and I was the only costumer at the time. The woman working behind the counter took this opportunity to be extra helpful, pulling items she thought I might like and starting a fitting room for me. We chatted about the flooding, the weather, her two children, and various other topics before I headed into the fitting room to try on my choices.

Within moments, her arm was thrust over the top of the door. “Try this,” she said, handing me a sleeping bra. “I think you’ll really like it.”

I wasn’t in the market for a sleeping bra, but I realized she was probably just being friendly (and also trying to up her sale), so I took it without protest. If we’re being honest, I never tried it on, only carried it back out with me when I was done trying on tops.

I arrived at the counter to pay for my shirts — a great bunch in fun colors on sale! — and she began to ring me up.

“You didn’t want the sleeping bra?” she asked.

“No,” I replied. “Thanks anyway, but I’m not really having any discomfort up top when I sleep and I’ll just get fitted for some nursing bras near the end of my pregnancy.”

She stopped for a moment, looked up at me and replied, “Well, your boobs are going to sag, you know,” before returning to the cash register.

I looked at her dumfounded, but chose to ignore the comment.

But then she had to comment on my purchases. “Why are you buying short sleeves and sleeveless? It’s only April.”


“Well,” I said, “I don’t have any that fit, it’s been pretty warm out, they’re on sale and I can always layer if I need to.” All the while I kept thinking to myself, “HOW is this your business?”, but just smiled as I waited for her to finish. Her response to me was a raised eyebrow.

But then. THEN!

I know it’s her job to try and sign me up for a million promotions and I like coupons, so I gave her my email address. But when she asked me if she could sign me up for a free issue of Parenting magazine, I just wasn’t interested in another piece of mail so I said no thank you.

And she snorted. Outright snorted, looked me in the eye and said, “Why? Because you already know everything about parenting?”

Motherhood Maternity, had I not made a special trip to another state to purchase tops on sale that I was unable to purchase at home, I would have left my merchandise on the counter, turned around and walked out. I have never encountered a salesperson who was so rude and condescending before and I promise you, I will not be returning.

Sincerely yours,