Question: What do you guys eat for lunch?

I pride myself on being a savvy shopper. I get a weird sense of excitement when I can make three dinners for $15 or something like that. And they’re good! (If I do say so myself.) I like to get creative in the kitchen and while we do have some standbys on rotation, I like to throw new things into the mix.

But I’m struggling with lunch. Lunch has become a budget buster.

The problem I’m facing is that since becoming pregnant, there are some primary lunch things I’m no longer eating. Like cold cuts. On occasion I will buy them for sandwiches for Michael, but that still leaves me without lunch. Because of this, we’ve eaten a lot of chicken salad. And grilled cheese. And the occasional tuna sandwich. (Yes, you can have it now and then when pregnant.)

I’m sure you can imagine that a three-meal rotation for lunch got pretty old pretty fast, which leads to spending money gettingย lunch out at places that have more of a selection. Mostly for Michael, actually, because I still tend to get a chicken salad sandwich or a soup.

I need help! What do you eat for lunch? Or if you’re eating the things I’ve already talked about, what should I eat for lunch?

I’m hungry!

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