– I’ve never liked bumper stickers, and I especially dislike the “Honk if you (insert something you might agree with here)” ones. I mean, does anyone actually honk at these stickers? Probably not. Is there one that says “Honk if you hate bumper stickers that tell you to honk?”. I might honk at that one.

The reason I ask is because I’ve seen people taking this “Honk if” thing to a new level. There’s a busy intersection in the middle of my town with some grassy areas  near each cross walk. Sometimes people congregate there with signs, asking people to honk.

I’ve seen “Honk if you love Jesus”. I’ve seen “Honk for Peace.”

And yesterday, I saw “Honk if you hate Cancer.”

There was group of women standing in the rain, waving their signs and cheering whenever someone beeped.

Now look, I DO hate cancer. I hate it so much that if I could make it go away forever by running naked down the street waving ribbons behind me, I TOTALLY WOULD. In a heartbeat. But I just can’t understand the point of these “Honk if” signs. It’s not bringing awareness, raising money, helping to educate or find a cure. It’s just…honking. Maybe I’m just being a scrooge, but I just want to know why!

– I’ve had weird and vivid dreams this whole pregnancy, but with the third trimester hormone shift, they’ve gotten even weirder. Last night I dreamt that little boy was moving around in there, and suddenly stuck his arm up, up, up…making a tent-like effect out of my stomach and at the very top was his fist, which I could grab. It was…um…kind of freaky.

And the other night I dreamt that my good friend Elle (hi, Elle!) bought me a bucket of KFC for my bridal shower. I mean, she classed it up by tying a bow around it, but it was still a bucket of chicken. In the dream I was surprised and had to do that fake “I love it!” thing as to not hurt her feelings. Yes.

– Does anyone else think that maybe TLC is exploiting little people a bit too much now? There’s Little People, Big World, The Little Couple, one about a little couple raising a full-size baby, and most recently, The Little Chocolatiers.

The Little Chocolatiers???? REALLY?