32 Weeks

Guys, I’m officially uncomfortable. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of room left in there and with 8 weeks to go, I think it’s only going to get tighter. Little boy continues to beat up my ribs, and with less room in there, his movements are becoming a lot more calculated. Instead of flips and cartwheels, it’s more like deliberate jabs. Despite the ouchiness, it is pretty cool to watch.

My meals have become a lot smaller, yet more frequent, as now that my stomach is compressed I can’t eat a lot at one time. For some reason, all I want lately is cereal. I can’t get enough cereal. Yesterday I bought Cocoa Krispies, a cereal I have never purchased, and apparently I didn’t know what I was missing. I eat it mostly as a snack or dessert, but man, it’s good.

We had our last childbirth class last night and we went in knowing that it was going to be the night we saw the movie. You know what I mean. THE  movie. As much as I’m looking forward to having this baby, I wasn’t really looking forward to a front-row visual of someone else giving birth. I’ve seen it before on various programs, but I was expecting the worst. Something out of the 70s with close ups of some ungroomed areas.

When the instructor wheeled out the TV with the VHS player, I held my breath and waited. And was totally wrong.

The movie wasn’t exactly current — something out of the 90s with lots of bright leggings and big sweatshirts — but it wasn’t that bad. It was, however, amusing. Especially when they started talking about visualization. I actually think the method can be quite helpful if you’re imagining riding your contractions like a wave or something, but this was a little…different.

My personal favorite, was when the support person was encouraged to discuss the woman’s cervix. “Imagine your cervix opening like a blooming rosebud. Feel your cervix softening like melting butter.”

Michael and I could barely look at each other without losing it. When we got in the car afterwards, he asked if I’d like to be reminded of that butter imagery come labor time. Only if he wanted a foot to the face, I told him.

Our night ended with a tour of the women’s wing at the hospital where I will deliver. They wanted to show us a device they dub the “baby lojack” – a teeny electronic monitor that attaches to the umbilical stump. If anyone attempted to take the baby off the floor, the monitor would trigger a lock down on the  unit and set off alarms. I’m not worried about anyone trying to steal our baby, but I guess it’s nice to know it’s there.

In order to show it to us, they asked a couple who had delivered their baby boy the night before if we could see him. They graciously agreed and oh. my. goodness. Michael and I practically melted into a puddle of goo when they wheeled out that precious little boy in his tiny blue cap — all small limbs and sleepy face.

In 8 weeks we get to take one of those home. One we made! It’s officially starting to hit me that I’m going to be a mommy soon and that? Is the best feeling in the world.

Happy weekend!