You guys are funny with the photo requests. Belly at 33 weeks looked pretty much like it does today and 34 weeks and 1 day. (Although, at my appointment yesterday they said I was 34 weeks and 3 days. So who really knows. I’m sure those extra three days make a HUGE difference, right? Ha.)

Look out, it might eat you:

Belly button evacuation: Complete.

I’m probably jinxing myself now, but as of this moment, I still don’t have the linea nigra — the line that runs down your belly. I keep wondering if it’s going to show up and make Michael look underneath the belly button (where I cannot see for the life of me anymore) to see if  it’s starting.

This week I’m also smiling, because little boy has begun to amass his shoe collection. What a proud mama I am!

From my friend MB, wee little boat shoes for a New England baby:


From friend Johanna, creator of Kaya’s Kloset (run…RUN…and buy some of her handmade soft-soled baby shoes. SO CUTE.):


And most recently, from Clink, baby Chuck Taylors:


Sure, they all might be impractical for a while, but you can’t beat the cuteness!

Happy weekend!