I don’t watch a ton of TV, but there’s definitely shows I never miss. Of course, most of them are wrapping up for the summer and with middle of the night feedings right around the corner, I feel like I’m going to need some stuff to watch.

Here’s what I never miss:

Glee (p.s. – Kurt’s dad! How much are you loving Kurt’s dad right now?!), How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, The Good Wife, CSI NY (only the New York one), Real Housewives of NYC and NJ, The Office…

I’m sure there’s some other things here and there that I watch, but those are the main ones. I have no idea what shows are coming back this summer that I need to be watching so I’m asking for help. What do you watch? What gems are out there that I’m totally oblivious to?

Also, there’s a new show coming out on CBS called “Mike and Molly“, which clearly I will have to watch at least once!

Ok…go! Suggest! Thank you!