Here’s a little secret…This Little Baby’s due date isn’t July 1st.

It’s June 30th.

(Omigod. Did you just like, die, from the shock? I know you totally did. I mean, ONE WHOLE DAY SHOCKING.)

Because due dates are so wishy-washy and they can never tell exactlyΒ from an ultrasound when the due date should really be, we were told June 30th, then July 1st, then June 30th and then they bumped me up a few days again…so eventually based on the advice of a nurse, we just started saying July 1st so people wouldn’t ask me all through June “you haven’t had that baby yet?”

But there it is. June 30th. And today is June 1st. Which means our baby could very well be arriving sometime this month.


(I just jinxed it, right? Now he’s’ coming July 5th or something.)

I’m 97% ready for him. This weekend I’ll be packing my hospital bag, washing and putting away all those little clothes and setting up things like the bouncy seat and the bassinett. I lie awake after my pee breaks in the middle of the night thinking about how in no time, we’re going to be parents. A mommy and a daddy. I’m still in awe that there’s a little person in my belly who will be in my arms before I know it.

I cry a lot, guys. I really do blame the new hormone shift that has brought on nesting, high emotions and some general pissed off-ness (mostly directed at really bad drivers). But I cry mostly because I’m just. so. happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all, because as the clock ticks down it’s fair warning that I’ll probably be talking about it a lot more.

Also, I’ll be signing off for the next few days as our laptop goes in for repairs. The old desktop computer is slow and I hate posting from it. So if you don’t hear from me for a few days, fear not, it does not mean TLB made a super early appearance!