Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Between still not having our laptop and a bout of excruciating sciatic pain that literally had me crawling on my hands and knees sobbing, I haven’t really made it to the computer. Today is day four of butt/leg pain, but between ice, heat, yoga and a massage I’m finally able to walk (sloooowly) around. So that’s a plus.

Little boy is 37 weeks cooked –considered full term — and is most definitely head down in my pelvis, most likely causing the pain by pressing on a nerve. As far as I’m concerned, he can come out any time now. I pick Wednesday (collective laugh from mommy readers) because it’s supposed to be a nice sunny day and um, I’m ready for him to come out. So yeah, Wednesday. Works for me. (He’s clearly not coming out Wednesday.)

The house is almost 100% baby ready and part of that is a half-packed hospital bag. I *think* I have all that I could need, but I don’t want to forget anything so I’m reaching out to you guys. What should I pack in the hospital bag?

So far I have…

– An easy-to-nurse-in nightgown and some comfy, stretchy clothes for after birth

– Outfits for little boy, plus diapers and wipes

– “After” essentials, like pads and throw-away undies and socks. (Yeah, it was fun shopping for THOSE. I texted my sister from the feminine product aisle in a panic because it’s been a long time since I bought pads and whoa, the options!) (For the record, because we’re honest over here at TLM…I bought the Always super long with wings. I have no idea if that was a good choice.)

– To be included are toiletries and snacks, plus the camera and phone charger, but those will be at the last minute, plus some clothes for Michael.

What am I missing? I don’t want to over pack, but I don’t want to forget something that I really wish I had.

I was also told to steal practically everything you can get your hands on at the hospital, especially the big mesh underwear. Guys, BIG MESH UNDERWEAR. You know there’s going to be a totally honest post after the birth, don’t you? Apparently the big mesh undies are fabulous for packing with ice to sooth the lady bits. Ah, the glory of life.

So I enlist you, dear readers. Pack my hospital bag for me.

No, really. Like, want to come over and help? I’m still pretty gimpy.