Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor’s appointment this afternoon is going to go something like, “Get him out, get him out, GET HIM OUT!” (Yes, I’m anxious to meet him, but it’s really about getting him off my nerve and away from my hip so I don’t have to do the Old Lady Shuffle anymore.)

I was super excited, yet totally jealous to hear the woman in my yoga class with the same due date as me delivered her son yesterday. Of course, it was her fourth child so they tend to go a little faster, but STILL.

In an effort to make today a little more fun, I invite you to guess This Little Baby’s due date, as well as his birth weight. The person who comes closest to both will win…a major blog shout out! (Wow. The incentive is so great, I know.)

The “official” date is June 30/July 1. Those of you who guess anything past July 4th may suffer my wrath. I’m just saying.