I cannot believe the first week has flown by so quickly. Being a mom is everything — and nothing — like I thought it would be. It’s overwhelming, exhausting…and absolutely amazing.

I was naive to think I would have time to do much more than care for him during these early moments, so I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts by the wonderful women who wrote them. There are more to come during the week!

I have fallen completely in love with Owen, the wiggly, fussy little boy who came out screaming and wants me to remember exactly what that sounds like multiple times a day. We’re learing together, he and I. How to eat, how to sleep, how to be a single unit.

But this family thing? We got that down pat. Mommy, daddy and baby. (And Kodiak, too.)

Birth story to come hopefully soon. It’s a good one!

Happy 4th, everyone!