Today’s post comes from Jenna of That Wife fame. I’ve followed her for awhile and developed a lovely internet friendship with her as we were married, then started a family very close together. She’s also a great photographer, and a trip to her blog is well worth it!

Growing up in my family, it was known that kissing on the lips was something mommies and daddies did. Not mommy and Jenna, not daddy and Jenna. This of course, led me to believe that I would want to follow the same policy when I had my own children. Kissing my babies on the lips would be rather icky after all.

Then I birthed a son in April, and he has lips that look like this.

Photo credit: Kelli Nicole Photography. Click the link if you’d like to see more pictures of my little one as a newborn. πŸ™‚

I don’t know what it is, but those lips look like candy to me. I am Eve and those lips are the forbidden fruit. Sometimes he turns his cheek right as I’m about to go in for a cheek kiss and our lips meet and I find myself loving these little mother —> baby son kisses we are sharing. So juicy and sweet and innocent, and I’m thinking that I might be the mother who kisses her kids on the lips after all. My younger childless sister is rolling her eyes as I type this I’m sure.

Something tells me that this won’t be the only time I break my parent’s family rules. Now that I’m a parent myself I’m breaking new ground, the same ground my parents broke back when I was a wee one, but finding that the terrain is spread out before me looking entirely different than what my parents must have seen. Same goes for the household rules that my husband grew up. I’m coming to different conclusions, making different mistakes (and some of the same ones), and if I’m smart I’ll quickly figure out which rules were meant to be broken, and which ones our parents were wise to set. As a teenage girl I would have given almost anything to start wearing makeup before reaching the age of 12, but now that I’m older and wiser I know if we have any girls we’ll have the same policy in our home. Turns out my parents were a whole lot smarter than I gave them credit for after all. I still might kiss my kids on the lips though.

What “family rules” will you be keeping or ditching with your own children?