– The other night Owen was sleeping and I knew I should take the opportunity to sleep as well, but that whole “sleep when the baby is sleeping” thing is a load of crap. Sometimes you’re not tired at that moment, or there’s laundry to do, or maybe you just want to catch up on an episode of Drop Dead Diva and really, is that so bad? (The answer to that will be answered loud and clear when you have a child attached to your boob at 3 a.m.)

Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve seen the show, but the characters work in a law firm and it’s very Ally McBeal-ish. Which got me thinking about Ally McBeal and how much I loved that show and why doesn’t any network play reruns of  it? I mean, come on, we’re faced with shows in syndication like Malcome in the Middle and According to Jim and three (three!) seperate networks playing back episodes of Ghost Whisperer (which yes, I admit to watching occasionally) and other craptastic shows that make me want to scream, but where are all those old good ones? Bring back Dawson’s Creek! Or, you know, Ally McBeal. Don’t we all just miss that weird dancing baby?

So I’m thinking about the lack of good reruns, when all of the sudden I discover a channel lost in the 200s of my television guide — The Reelz channel. And lo an behold, what are they playing at 3 p.m. today? ALLY McBEAL!

Owen, you better take a nice long nap for mama.

– I was catching up on some magazine reading while waiting to go in for my six-week post-baby appointment, and they were filled with photos of fall clothes. Which made me really, really want some new clothes. While the weight loss is going pretty well, my body has certainly changed, leaving some areas larger (my sister now calls my chest mombo jombos), and other areas wider (helllooo, hips). I have no idea if these changes are temporary or permanent, so I’m hesitant to buy new clothing until at least another month or so. But oh, the fall lines. They look so lovely and cozy and autumnal.

And I really want some cute fall dresses, but finding ones that I can pull down easily to breastfeed aren’t so abundant. Because let’s be honest, I can’t pull the dress UP, now can I?

– The Baltimore trip went great and my friend was a beautiful bride. The bridesmaid dress was a gorgeous color and ended up fitting just fine, but ladies, I do not recommend breastfeeding in a strapless bodice dress unless you have a private space to do so.

I’ve gotten pretty good at feeding him discretely in public, but this required taking him far away from party goers, less I give everyone a free show of not one, but both of the girls.

This seems to go hand in hand with the how not to flash the lady bits issue in a regular dress I mentioned early. And also, apparently we will be talking about boobs here a lot more. Such is life, such is motherhood.

– Not about boobs: why have I only just discovered Laughing Cow cheese? WHY, internets? I love cheese. I have at least two servings of cheese a day, and that’s conservative. And all along there was this yummy, spreadable cheese out there that is only 35 calories a wedge and delicious and I didn’t know about it?!

Excuse me, I have to go eat some now.