For the non-moms reading, I apologize for isolating you in this post, but I wanted some mom opinions and what better place to reach out to a bunch at one time? (Also, as a side note, I know I haven’t been posting much and when I do it’s all baby this, baby that. I’ve said before that I don’t market These Little Moments as anything other than my life, and well, this is my life now. I will still write about random topics, but I think it’s fair to expect a heavy dose of motherhood to be thrown in there too!)

Ok, so.

Owen is nine weeks old (how did THAT happen?) and had finally settled into some semblance of a sleeping routine. By “routine”, I mean he goes down around 8:30 p.m-ish., sleeps for 5-6 hours, and is up twice, every 2.5 hours or so after that to breastfeed (about 2:15 a.m., then 5:30 a.m.), at which point he comes in bed with us where we all doze until about 7 or 8-ish. I’m thrilled he’s doing so well, as for his age, that’s technically considered “sleeping through the night”, and I can only imagine the stretches of sleep with get longer as he continues to grow. (He’s already 14 pounds, the chunker!)

Mmmm, chunky legs.

However, he will NOT sleep in is crib. Not for naps, not for bed. Instead, he sleeps in his swing. Before anyone feels the need to start shouting about how this is bad for his spine, I will say that I’ve discussed it with my pediatrician, and she says that it’s perfectly safe and will not damage his spine at all. She is of the mindset that as long as he’s sleeping, it’s good, and he will naturally transition into his crib when he’s ready.

The thing is, I’d like to get him used to sleeping in the crib, even if it’s just for naps right now, because I’ve read that motion sleep doesn’t put babies into the deepest sleep they need. I just don’t know how to do it. I’ve tried to get him nice and drowsy and put him in the crib in a darkened room with white noise, hoping he will self-soothe and drift off, but it doesn’t work.

Instead, he SCREAMS.

The only time he’s slept in there is around that 2:30 a.m. wake-up, where he’ll sleep in there for a few hours only if he’s out cold after nursing. Which, ok, fine, but he’s not learning to go to sleep in there, he’s just being placed in while already asleep.

Today during his morning nap I decided to just try it and see if he would go down. I knew there would be crying, so I prepared myself and allowed one hour to try it. If he cried, he cried, but after that one-hour mark if he didn’t settle, I would take him out, soothe him, and let him sleep in the swing.

He napped in the swing today. And I felt horrible and guilty for letting him cry on and off for an hour beforehand.

Well, how about I get around to my question(s), eh?

How do I get him to transition into the crib? Should I continue to let him sleep there until he’s no longer interested, or start trying to get him to do it on my own? Is nine weeks too early to worry about this?

Has anyone been in this situation?

Some notes:

– He was sleeping in a bassinet in the early weeks, but not great (he would usually end up in bed with me). He has since outgrown the bassinet. (See chunker, above.) 

– We do have a bedtime routine that he enjoys (bath, book, boob, bed).

– Other than the trial today, I’ve never really let him “cry it out”. I’m not really sure it’s something I want to do, but I’m open to hearing advice from mother who have had success (or failures!) with it.

Thank you in advance to any and all that can offer advice!